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  • 10 vibes for Gümüşhane

    like locals

    Santa Ruins: It is thought that the settlement where the ruins are located was founded by the Greeks in the 17th century. Five thousand people lived in this region, which was in its heyday in the 19th century. Santa, where the first settlements began in the Middle Ages, is an old Greek city with historical beauties.

    Chrome Valley: It is a region within the borders of Gümüşhane, where the Silk Road passes. There are 300-year-old historical buildings in the valley, which houses 57 monasteries and churches.

    Kov Castle: It’s for protection and surveillance purposes. It is also estimated that there is an ancient city in this region. The castle integrates with the rock mass on which it is located, is indeed a historical building worth seeing.

    Zigana Winter Tourism Center: It is one of the important winter tourism centers in the Black Sea Region. It should be preferred to ski in these imposing mountains and stay in a calm environment, in a fresh air. 

    Karaca Cave: Karaca Cave, nature’s underground palace, offers its visitors the most beautiful and fascinating examples of dripstone shapes and the course of the mysterious world it creates underground.

    Gümüşhane Mansions: With their grand looks and architecture, that sheds light on history, it is like a bridge between the past and now. The mansions that smell history carry the elegant style of the past to the present day with its architectural style, building materials, roof and gardens.

    Örümcek Forests: Europe’s tallest firs, the tallest and most large spruces of the Balkans and Caucasus are found in this forest.

    Satala Ancient City: Satala, a Latin cultural center during the imperial period, was founded around the Roman Legion Camp and developed over time. Places that could remain intact and be seen in this area include Satala Castle, aqueducts, theater, agora.

    Süleymaniye Neighborhood: Süleymaniye Neighborhood, which is called old Gümüşhane and Canca and has a rich tourism potential due to its historical and touristic values, is a historically and culturally important settlement center both because it is the oldest settlement of Gümüşhane and in a sense it is a “transition of civilizations”. 

    Tomara Waterfall Culture and Tourism Festival: Located in a deep valley, the waterfall has a very dense flow of water, especially in winter. It is expected to increase the concentration of tourists in the region with the glass viewing terrace made to the area. Şiran Tomara Waterfall Culture and Tourism Festival is organized every year for the waterfall, which has gained fame in the region.