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    Tomara Waterfall Natural Park

    Located on an area of 70 decares and with a height of 1380 meters, Tomara Waterfall (Tomara Şelalesi) takes its source from underground waters and babbles rotundly and majestically from an altitude of about 25 meters and continues its journey by curling up into a narrow and deep valley. This natural wonder, which spews from many different sources at the foot of the mountain, is also called Kırk Gözeler (Forty Cells) by the local people and attracts attention with its legends as much as its landscape.

    Limni Lake Natural Park 

    Limni Lake (Limni Gölü) is one of the natural beauties recently discovered. The lake is just one of 18 crater lakes in Gümüşhane.

    The lake is located in Saronay Plateau (Saronay Yaylası) in Zigana Village (Zigana Köyü) and in Torul district andoffers this natural beauty that fascinates people with its rich flora and fauna. While the facilities in the region offer an opportunity of having a great time, not only do the sounds of birds make you rest, but the greenery of nature rejuvenates your soul.

    Zigana Winter Tourism Center 

    Zigana is located 46 kilometers from Gümüşhane. The ski areas of Zigana Mountain Ski Resort (Zigana Kayak Merkezi) are 1900-2500 meters long. The average snow thickness in the winter season is about one meter. The ski season, which begins in December, continues until the end of April.

    Artabel Natural Park 

    Artabel Lakes Natural Park (Artabel Tabiat Parkı); it is an important area with forests, mountain ecosystems, geological and geomorphological structure, glacial lakes, high mountain peaks and rich flora and fauna properties. There are four lakes called Beş göller on the western hill of Sofrabaşı and Karanlık Göl situated at the top altitude of Artabel, and three lakes called Karagöller that is located at the summit slope of Gavurdağı.

    Artabel Natural Park; It is home to various plant species such as cornflower, leopard’s bane, wolf’s-bane, helichrysum, bugleweed, stunted thuja and animal species such as pigs, coyotes, deer, bears, eagles. The area is covered in snow for six months.

    Taşköprü Plateau 

    Taşköprü Plateau (Taşköprü Yaylası), which is located within the borders of Dumanlı Village (Dumanlı Köyü), is about 50 km from the city center. The plateau is reached from the Gümüşhane-Yağmurdere route. There are accommodation facilities consisting of hotels and bungalow type houses on the plateau.

    There are places within the boundaries of Taşköprü Plateau that can be considered as track areas for grass and snow skiing. Natural beauties, historical ruins, rich flora and fauna, which are owned by the plateau and its surroundings; it is very valuable for photo safari, video safari and botanical tourism.

    Örümcek Forests 

    Europe’s tallest firs, the tallest and most large spruces of the Balkans and the Caucasus are found in this forest. Located in the region at an altitude of 1215 meters within the district borders of Kürtün, this natural ecosystem is very important with its unique air and natural beauties. These forests are spread over 38,000 hectares and are home to 450-year-old firs, the largest of which is 61.5 meters long. These wiry straight and smooth trees are stamped and protected.

    Kent Forest

    The Kent Forest (Kent Ormanı) is a region located in Çamlıca Forest Area in the center of Gümüşhane. It is a lush area where the phenomenon of Urban Forest was revealed for the first time in our country. Located three km from the city center, this forest is spread over an area of 303 hectares. It contains an artificial pond, four observation towers, an observation terrace, rest areas, rain shelters, children’s playgrounds, fountains, sports fields, walking tracks.