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    Gümüşhane is known as the gene center of the rosehip plant. The area is an optimal breeding ground for rosehip. This plant is grown naturally in forest villages in the region. Kuşburnu (Rosehip), a natural richness from the flesh of its fruit to its core, from its substance to its marmalade, is also an international source of publicity for the city.

    Pestil and Köme 

    The capital of Pestil (Dried Fruit Pulp) and Köme (Churchkhela) is Gümüşhane. Besides rosehip, pestil and köme have also become a sector in the province on its own. In a way, it became the label and brand of the city.

    Gümüşhane Siron

    Gümüşhane Siron is a traditional bakery product consumed as a snack. It is optionally consumed as warm starter or cold starters. Gümüşhane Siron is obtained by partially cooking the filo pastries on iron sheets, folding them four to six times and cutting them one-two cm in length.

    Kelkit Şeker Fasulyesi

    Kelkit Şeker Fasulyesi (Sugar beans) grown in and around the Kelkit district of Gümüşhane were registered as geographically marked products by the Turkish Patent and Trademark Office (TPE).

    Fasulye Bulgurlusu

    It is prepared by frying the beans with onion and tomato paste, then leaving them until they cook at medium heat and adding bulgur on top. It is served with basil and red pepper poured on it.

    Katıklı Soup

    One of Gümüşhane’s famous soups, Katıklı Çorba (Katıklı Soup), is prepared by the combination of corn, cracked bulgur, buttermilk and other ingredients. This soup, which is consumed cold, is one of the indispensables of the tables, especially in summer.

    Gendirme Rice 

    Gendirme Rice, which is prepared by bringing together different ingredients such as ashura wheat, lamb meat and dried beans, is one of the famous flavors of Gümüşhane.

    Kartol Yahnisi

    This dish, also popularly referred to as meaty potatoes, is both delicious and quite nutritious. Starring lean veal cubes, this stew is definitely one of the delicacies of Gümüşhane that should not be missed.


    Borani, one of the city’s traditional flavors; Is prepared by bringing together lamb, spinach, chickpea and strained yogurt.


    Lemis, one of the leading characters of the region and not very common outside Gümüşhane; it is prepared by blending flour, chard, spinach, potatoes, curd, parsley, butter.

    Erişte Dessert

    Erişte Dessert, a type of dessert prepared from erişteand unique to Gümüşhane, is prepared by sorbeting handmade noodles after frying them in a pan with butter.