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    Zilli Rug 

    The Zilli Rugs (Zilli Kilimleri) produced in Kelkit date back to Central Asia. Although rugs are produced in one piece in a very large size today, prayer rug types are also very rare examples of rugs. From Zilli Rug weaving, saddlebags, pillows, hall rugs, wall ornaments, amulets and name badges are produced as well. Zilli Rug motifs, which used to be woven as sacks, still have art value today.

    Tree - Iron Making - Knitting Works 

    Traditional wood-making works, and ironwork are carried out in Kürtün. Since the district is covered with forests, the predisposition of local people to handicrafts brought up woodworking. In addition to woodworking, iron works and knitting works are also done in the district. These items produced are offered directly to the consumer in touristic areas, highland festivals and local markets.

    The Making of Gudu (Casserole) 

    Gudu is being made in the Dölek Köyü. In Gümüşhane, casserole, which is both a dish and lended its name to the pot in which this dish is cooked, is known among the people as gudu or gudi. Especially everywhere you go during Ramadan, there is a talk of casserole. Every poor or rich family necessarily tries to make casserole in an iftar during Ramadan, guests are welcomed with casserole. Casserole is an important cultural element of Gümüşhane. In general, under the name of casserole, the casserole has a variety of water jugs, cubes, kırıs, gudu, trays and bowls.

    Gümüşhane Silvers 

    In his work Seyahatname, the famous Traveler Evliya Çelebi says that he visited Gümüşhane in 1646, named after the Turkish word gümüş (silver) and Persian word hane (household). And he says “that there are about 70 silver mines in Gümüşhane City, and these silver mines from seven arms, have satiated veins, and it’s a pure silver ore without lead.”

    Ala Kilim Carpet

    Ala Kilim, which is woven with hand looms in all villages of Şiran, has an important place in the handicrafts of the region. The bendings of Ala Kilim is made of goat hair, its knitting from wool, from wool yarns painted with natural root. Rugs, from various models and motifs, are generally woven 1.5x3 and 3x4 meters in size by means of wooden looms.